Moving Object Detection

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Most implemented papers

Unsupervised Moving Object Detection via Contextual Information Separation

antonilo/unsupervised_detection CVPR 2019

We propose an adversarial contextual model for detecting moving objects in images.

Towards Segmenting Anything That Moves

achalddave/segment-any-moving 11 Feb 2019

To address this concern, we propose two new benchmarks for generic, moving object detection, and show that our model matches top-down methods on common categories, while significantly out-performing both top-down and bottom-up methods on never-before-seen categories.

FMODetect: Robust Detection of Fast Moving Objects

rozumden/FMODetect ICCV 2021

Compared to other methods, such as deblatting, the inference is of several orders of magnitude faster and allows applications such as real-time fast moving object detection and retrieval in large video collections.

UAV Images Dataset for Moving Object Detection from Moving Cameras

mribrahim/PESMOD 21 Mar 2021

The problem of recognizing moving objects from aerial images is one of the important issues in computer vision.

Moving Object Detection for Event-based vision using Graph Spectral Clustering

anindya2001/GSCEventMOD International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops 2021

However, these advantages come at a high cost, as the event camera data typically contains more noise and has low resolution.

HM-Net: A Regression Network for Object Center Detection and Tracking on Wide Area Motion Imagery

HakkiMotorcu/HM-Net_WAMI 19 Oct 2021

Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) yields high-resolution images with a large number of extremely small objects.

Detecting and Tracking Small and Dense Moving Objects in Satellite Videos: A Benchmark

qingyonghu/viso 25 Nov 2021

Satellite video cameras can provide continuous observation for a large-scale area, which is important for many remote sensing applications.

RGB-Event Fusion for Moving Object Detection in Autonomous Driving

zzy-zhou/renet 17 Sep 2022

Moving Object Detection (MOD) is a critical vision task for successfully achieving safe autonomous driving.