Multi-Agent Path Finding

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Improving Continuous-time Conflict Based Search

PathPlanning/Continuous-CBS 24 Jan 2021

Conflict-Based Search (CBS) is a powerful algorithmic framework for optimally solving classical multi-agent path finding (MAPF) problems, where time is discretized into the time steps.

MAPFAST: A Deep Algorithm Selector for Multi Agent Path Finding using Shortest Path Embeddings

USC-ACTLab/MAPFAST 24 Feb 2021

Solving the Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF) problem optimally is known to be NP-Hard for both make-span and total arrival time minimization.

ITA-ECBS: A Bounded-Suboptimal Algorithm for Combined Target-Assignment and Path-Finding Problem

whoenig/libMultiRobotPlanning 8 Apr 2024

Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF), i. e., finding collision-free paths for multiple robots, plays a critical role in many applications.

Lifelong Multi-Agent Path Finding for Online Pickup and Delivery Tasks

ct2034/cobra 30 May 2017

In the MAPD problem, agents have to attend to a stream of delivery tasks in an online setting.

Lifelong Multi-Agent Path Finding in Large-Scale Warehouses

Jiaoyang-Li/RHCR 15 May 2020

Multi-Agent Path Finding (MAPF) is the problem of moving a team of agents to their goal locations without collisions.

EECBS: A Bounded-Suboptimal Search for Multi-Agent Path Finding

Jiaoyang-Li/EECBS 3 Oct 2020

ECBS is a bounded-suboptimal variant of CBS that uses focal search to speed up CBS by sacrificing optimality and instead guaranteeing that the costs of its solutions are within a given factor of optimal.

A Conflict-Based Search Framework for Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Path Finding

wonderren/public_cppmomapf 11 Jan 2021

Naively applying existing multi-objective search algorithms, such as multi-objective A* (MOA*), to multi-agent path finding may prove to be inefficient as the dimensionality of the search space grows exponentially with the number of agents.

Subdimensional Expansion for Multi-objective Multi-agent Path Finding

wonderren/public_cppmomapf 2 Feb 2021

One example of subdimensional expansion, when applied to A*, is called M* and M* was limited to a single objective function.

Distributed Heuristic Multi-Agent Path Finding with Communication

ZiyuanMa/DHC 21 Jun 2021

The final trained policy is applied to each agent for decentralized execution.

Multi-objective Conflict-based Search Using Safe-interval Path Planning

wonderren/public_cppmomapf 2 Aug 2021

This paper addresses a generalization of the well known multi-agent path finding (MAPF) problem that optimizes multiple conflicting objectives simultaneously such as travel time and path risk.