Multimodal Machine Translation

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Multimodal machine translation is the task of doing machine translation with multiple data sources - for example, translating "a bird is flying over water" + an image of a bird over water to German text.

( Image credit: Findings of the Third Shared Task on Multimodal Machine Translation )


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Most implemented papers

Attention Is All You Need

tensorflow/tensor2tensor NeurIPS 2017

The dominant sequence transduction models are based on complex recurrent or convolutional neural networks in an encoder-decoder configuration.

On Vision Features in Multimodal Machine Translation

libeineu/fairseq_mmt ACL 2022

Previous work on multimodal machine translation (MMT) has focused on the way of incorporating vision features into translation but little attention is on the quality of vision models.

Tackling Ambiguity with Images: Improved Multimodal Machine Translation and Contrastive Evaluation

matthieufp/vgamt 20 Dec 2022

One of the major challenges of machine translation (MT) is ambiguity, which can in some cases be resolved by accompanying context such as images.

Multi30K: Multilingual English-German Image Descriptions

multi30k/dataset WS 2016

We introduce the Multi30K dataset to stimulate multilingual multimodal research.

Does Multimodality Help Human and Machine for Translation and Image Captioning?

lium-lst/nmtpy WS 2016

This paper presents the systems developed by LIUM and CVC for the WMT16 Multimodal Machine Translation challenge.

NMTPY: A Flexible Toolkit for Advanced Neural Machine Translation Systems

lium-lst/nmtpy 1 Jun 2017

nmtpy has been used for LIUM's top-ranked submissions to WMT Multimodal Machine Translation and News Translation tasks in 2016 and 2017.

A Visual Attention Grounding Neural Model for Multimodal Machine Translation

Eurus-Holmes/VAG-NMT EMNLP 2018

The model leverages a visual attention grounding mechanism that links the visual semantics with the corresponding textual semantics.

Findings of the Third Shared Task on Multimodal Machine Translation

multi30k/dataset WS 2018

In this task a source sentence in English is supplemented by an image and participating systems are required to generate a translation for such a sentence into German, French or Czech.

UMONS Submission for WMT18 Multimodal Translation Task

jbdel/WMT18_MNMT 15 Oct 2018

This paper describes the UMONS solution for the Multimodal Machine Translation Task presented at the third conference on machine translation (WMT18).