Music Transcription

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Music transcription is the task of converting an acoustic musical signal into some form of music notation.

( Image credit: ISMIR 2015 Tutorial - Automatic Music Transcription )

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Deep Complex Networks

ChihebTrabelsi/deep_complex_networks ICLR 2018

Despite their attractive properties and potential for opening up entirely new neural architectures, complex-valued deep neural networks have been marginalized due to the absence of the building blocks required to design such models.

Image Classification Music Transcription

Omnizart: A General Toolbox for Automatic Music Transcription

Music-and-Culture-Technology-Lab/omnizart 1 Jun 2021

We present and release Omnizart, a new Python library that provides a streamlined solution to automatic music transcription (AMT).

Chord Recognition Information Retrieval +2

Music transcription modelling and composition using deep learning

IraKorshunova/folk-rnn 29 Apr 2016

We apply deep learning methods, specifically long short-term memory (LSTM) networks, to music transcription modelling and composition.

Music Transcription

Onsets and Frames: Dual-Objective Piano Transcription

BShakhovsky/PolyphonicPianoTranscription 30 Oct 2017

We advance the state of the art in polyphonic piano music transcription by using a deep convolutional and recurrent neural network which is trained to jointly predict onsets and frames.

Music Transcription

Towards multi-instrument drum transcription

keunwoochoi/DrummerNet 18 Jun 2018

In this work, convolutional and convolutional recurrent neural networks are trained to transcribe a wider range of drum instruments.

Drum Transcription Music Transcription

Bayesian Sparsification of Deep C-valued Networks

ivannz/cplxmodule ICML 2020

With continual miniaturization ever more applications of deep learning can be found in embedded systems, where it is common to encounter data with natural representation in the complex domain.

Music Transcription

MT3: Multi-Task Multitrack Music Transcription

magenta/mt3 4 Nov 2021

Automatic Music Transcription (AMT), inferring musical notes from raw audio, is a challenging task at the core of music understanding.

automatic-speech-recognition Music Transcription +2

Complex Transformer: A Framework for Modeling Complex-Valued Sequence

muqiaoy/dl_signal 22 Oct 2019

While deep learning has received a surge of interest in a variety of fields in recent years, major deep learning models barely use complex numbers.

Music Transcription

Complex Gated Recurrent Neural Networks

v0lta/Complex-gated-recurrent-neural-networks NeurIPS 2018

Complex numbers have long been favoured for digital signal processing, yet complex representations rarely appear in deep learning architectures.

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Residual Shuffle-Exchange Networks for Fast Processing of Long Sequences

LUMII-Syslab/RSE 6 Apr 2020

Attention is a commonly used mechanism in sequence processing, but it is of O(n^2) complexity which prevents its application to long sequences.

Language Modelling Music Transcription