Network Embedding

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Network Embedding, also known as "Network Representation Learning", is a collective term for techniques for mapping graph nodes to vectors of real numbers in a multidimensional space. To be useful, a good embedding should preserve the structure of the graph. The vectors can then be used as input to various network and graph analysis tasks, such as link prediction

Source: Tutorial on NLP-Inspired Network Embedding


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Most implemented papers

LINE: Large-scale Information Network Embedding

tangjianpku/LINE 12 Mar 2015

This paper studies the problem of embedding very large information networks into low-dimensional vector spaces, which is useful in many tasks such as visualization, node classification, and link prediction.

Structural Deep Network Embedding

shenweichen/GraphEmbedding KDD 2016

Therefore, how to find a method that is able to effectively capture the highly non-linear network structure and preserve the global and local structure is an open yet important problem.

struc2vec: Learning Node Representations from Structural Identity

leoribeiro/struc2vec 11 Apr 2017

Implementation and experiments of graph embedding algorithms. deep walk, LINE(Large-scale Information Network Embedding), node2vec, SDNE(Structural Deep Network Embedding), struc2vec

Multi-scale Attributed Node Embedding

benedekrozemberczki/MUSAE 28 Sep 2019

We present network embedding algorithms that capture information about a node from the local distribution over node attributes around it, as observed over random walks following an approach similar to Skip-gram.

Network Embedding as Matrix Factorization: Unifying DeepWalk, LINE, PTE, and node2vec

xptree/NetMF 9 Oct 2017

This work lays the theoretical foundation for skip-gram based network embedding methods, leading to a better understanding of latent network representation learning.

Representation Learning for Attributed Multiplex Heterogeneous Network

cenyk1230/GATNE 5 May 2019

Network embedding (or graph embedding) has been widely used in many real-world applications.

Fast Sequence-Based Embedding with Diffusion Graphs

benedekrozemberczki/diff2vec 21 Jan 2020

A graph embedding is a representation of graph vertices in a low-dimensional space, which approximately preserves properties such as distances between nodes.

Network Representation Learning with Rich Text Information

albertyang33/TADW IJCAI 2015

Representation learning has shown its effectiveness in many tasks such as image classification and text mining.

Outlier Aware Network Embedding for Attributed Networks

sambaranban/ONE 19 Nov 2018

We also consider different downstream machine learning applications on networks to show the efficiency of ONE as a generic network embedding technique.

Multi-View Collaborative Network Embedding

cenyk1230/GATNE 17 May 2020

Real-world networks often exist with multiple views, where each view describes one type of interaction among a common set of nodes.