Neural Network simulation

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Simulation of abstract or biophysical neural networks in silico

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BindsNET: A machine learning-oriented spiking neural networks library in Python

Hananel-Hazan/bindsnet 4 Jun 2018

In this paper, we describe a new Python package for the simulation of spiking neural networks, specifically geared towards machine learning and reinforcement learning.

Neural Network-Hardware Co-design for Scalable RRAM-based BNN Accelerators

YulhwaKim/RRAMScalable_BNN 6 Nov 2018

Recently, RRAM-based Binary Neural Network (BNN) hardware has been gaining interests as it requires 1-bit sense-amp only and eliminates the need for high-resolution ADC and DAC.

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Multiuser MISO Systems Exploiting Deep Reinforcement Learning

baturaysaglam/RIS-MISO-Deep-Reinforcement-Learning 24 Feb 2020

In this paper, we investigate the joint design of transmit beamforming matrix at the base station and the phase shift matrix at the RIS, by leveraging recent advances in deep reinforcement learning (DRL).

Physics-informed neural network simulation of multiphase poroelasticity using stress-split sequential training

sciann/sciann-applications 6 Oct 2021

Physics-informed neural networks (PINNs) have received significant attention as a unified framework for forward, inverse, and surrogate modeling of problems governed by partial differential equations (PDEs).

Benchmarking Data-driven Surrogate Simulators for Artificial Electromagnetic Materials

ydeng-MLM/ML_MM_Benchmark NeurIPS 2021

Recently, it has been shown that deep learning can be an alternative solution to infer the relationship between an AEM geometry and its properties using a (relatively) small pool of CEMS data.