Optical Flow Estimation

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Optical Flow Estimation is the problem of finding pixel-wise motions between consecutive images.

Source: Devon: Deformable Volume Network for Learning Optical Flow

Greatest papers with code

Naive-Student: Leveraging Semi-Supervised Learning in Video Sequences for Urban Scene Segmentation

tensorflow/models ECCV 2020

We view this work as a notable step towards building a simple procedure to harness unlabeled video sequences and extra images to surpass state-of-the-art performance on core computer vision tasks.

Optical Flow Estimation Panoptic Segmentation +2

What Matters in Unsupervised Optical Flow

google-research/google-research ECCV 2020

We systematically compare and analyze a set of key components in unsupervised optical flow to identify which photometric loss, occlusion handling, and smoothness regularization is most effective.

Occlusion Handling Optical Flow Estimation

Depth-Aware Video Frame Interpolation

baowenbo/DAIN CVPR 2019

The proposed model then warps the input frames, depth maps, and contextual features based on the optical flow and local interpolation kernels for synthesizing the output frame.

Optical Flow Estimation Video Frame Interpolation

Semantic Flow for Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing

donnyyou/torchcv ECCV 2020

A common practice to improve the performance is to attain high resolution feature maps with strong semantic representation.

Optical Flow Estimation Real-Time Semantic Segmentation +1

Deep Flow-Guided Video Inpainting

nbei/Deep-Flow-Guided-Video-Inpainting CVPR 2019

Then the synthesized flow field is used to guide the propagation of pixels to fill up the missing regions in the video.

One-shot visual object segmentation Optical Flow Estimation +2

RAFT: Recurrent All-Pairs Field Transforms for Optical Flow

princeton-vl/RAFT ECCV 2020

RAFT extracts per-pixel features, builds multi-scale 4D correlation volumes for all pairs of pixels, and iteratively updates a flow field through a recurrent unit that performs lookups on the correlation volumes.

Optical Flow Estimation

SDCNet: Video Prediction Using Spatially-Displaced Convolution

NVIDIA/semantic-segmentation 2 Nov 2018

We present an approach for high-resolution video frame prediction by conditioning on both past frames and past optical flows.

Optical Flow Estimation SSIM +1