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outlier ensembles

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Subtask of Outlier Detection

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PyOD: A Python Toolbox for Scalable Outlier Detection

6 Jan 2019yzhao062/pyod

PyOD is an open-source Python toolbox for performing scalable outlier detection on multivariate data. Uniquely, it provides access to a wide range of outlier detection algorithms, including established outlier ensembles and more recent neural network-based approaches, under a single, well-documented API designed for use by both practitioners and researchers.


LSCP: Locally Selective Combination in Parallel Outlier Ensembles

4 Dec 2018yzhao062/LSCP

In unsupervised outlier ensembles, the absence of ground truth makes the combination of base outlier detectors a challenging task. The top-performing base detectors in this local region are selected and combined as the model's final output.


Graph-based Selective Outlier Ensembles

17 Apr 2018HamedSarvari/Graph-Based-Selective-Outlier-Ensembles

A problem with this approach is that poor components are likely to negatively affect the quality of the consensus result. To address this issue, alternatives have been explored in the literature to build selective classifier and cluster ensembles, where only a subset of the components contributes to the computation of the consensus.