Phrase Grounding

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Given an image and a corresponding caption, the Phrase Grounding task aims to ground each entity mentioned by a noun phrase in the caption to a region in the image.

Source: Phrase Grounding by Soft-Label Chain Conditional Random Field


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Grounding of Textual Phrases in Images by Reconstruction

akirafukui/vqa-mcb 12 Nov 2015

We propose a novel approach which learns grounding by reconstructing a given phrase using an attention mechanism, which can be either latent or optimized directly.

Revisiting Image-Language Networks for Open-ended Phrase Detection

BryanPlummer/phrase_detection 17 Nov 2018

Most existing work that grounds natural language phrases in images starts with the assumption that the phrase in question is relevant to the image.

MDETR -- Modulated Detection for End-to-End Multi-Modal Understanding

ashkamath/mdetr 26 Apr 2021

We also investigate the utility of our model as an object detector on a given label set when fine-tuned in a few-shot setting.

Kosmos-2: Grounding Multimodal Large Language Models to the World

microsoft/unilm 26 Jun 2023

We introduce Kosmos-2, a Multimodal Large Language Model (MLLM), enabling new capabilities of perceiving object descriptions (e. g., bounding boxes) and grounding text to the visual world.

Conditional Image-Text Embedding Networks

BryanPlummer/cite ECCV 2018

This paper presents an approach for grounding phrases in images which jointly learns multiple text-conditioned embeddings in a single end-to-end model.

Rethinking Diversified and Discriminative Proposal Generation for Visual Grounding

xiangchenchao/ddpn 9 May 2018

Visual grounding aims to localize an object in an image referred to by a textual query phrase.

Multi-level Multimodal Common Semantic Space for Image-Phrase Grounding

hassanhub/MultiGrounding CVPR 2019

Following dedicated non-linear mappings for visual features at each level, word, and sentence embeddings, we obtain multiple instantiations of our common semantic space in which comparisons between any target text and the visual content is performed with cosine similarity.

Modularized Textual Grounding for Counterfactual Resilience

jacobswan1/MTG-pytorch CVPR 2019

Computer Vision applications often require a textual grounding module with precision, interpretability, and resilience to counterfactual inputs/queries.

Zero-Shot Grounding of Objects from Natural Language Queries

TheShadow29/zsgnet-pytorch ICCV 2019

A phrase grounding system localizes a particular object in an image referred to by a natural language query.

Phrase Grounding by Soft-Label Chain Conditional Random Field

liujch1998/SoftLabelCCRF IJCNLP 2019

In this paper, we formulate phrase grounding as a sequence labeling task where we treat candidate regions as potential labels, and use neural chain Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) to model dependencies among regions for adjacent mentions.