Predicate Detection

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Detecting predicates in sentences. Semantic frames are defined with respect to predicates. This task is a prerequisite to semantic role labeling.

Most implemented papers

Representing Prior Knowledge Using Randomly, Weighted Feature Networks for Visual Relationship Detection

jyhong0304/visual-relationship-detection-rwfn AAAI Workshop CLeaR 2022

Furthermore, background knowledge represented by RWFNs can be used to alleviate the incompleteness of training sets even though the space complexity of RWFNs is much smaller than LTNs (1:27 ratio).

Deep Semantic Role Labeling: What Works and What's Next

luheng/deep_srl ACL 2017

We introduce a new deep learning model for semantic role labeling (SRL) that significantly improves the state of the art, along with detailed analyses to reveal its strengths and limitations.

Linguistically-Informed Self-Attention for Semantic Role Labeling

strubell/LISA EMNLP 2018

Unlike previous models which require significant pre-processing to prepare linguistic features, LISA can incorporate syntax using merely raw tokens as input, encoding the sequence only once to simultaneously perform parsing, predicate detection and role labeling for all predicates.

Weighted Training for Cross-Task Learning

HornHehhf/TAWT ICLR 2022

In this paper, we introduce Target-Aware Weighted Training (TAWT), a weighted training algorithm for cross-task learning based on minimizing a representation-based task distance between the source and target tasks.

Comparison of single and multitask learning for predicting cognitive decline based on MRI data

vandadim/adas_mri 21 Sep 2021

The Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive subscale (ADAS-Cog) is a neuropsychological tool that has been designed to assess the severity of cognitive symptoms of dementia.

Contextualized Semantic Distance between Highly Overlapped Texts

Stareru/NeighboringDistributionDivergence 4 Oct 2021

Overlapping frequently occurs in paired texts in natural language processing tasks like text editing and semantic similarity evaluation.

A Novel Metric for Evaluating Semantics Preservation

Stareru/NeighboringDistributionDivergence ACL ARR October 2021

By exploiting the property of NDD, we implement a unsupervised and even training-free algorithm for extractive sentence compression.

Self-Supervised Learning for Visual Relationship Detection through Masked Bounding Box Reconstruction

deeplab-ai/selfsupervisedvrd 8 Nov 2023

We present a novel self-supervised approach for representation learning, particularly for the task of Visual Relationship Detection (VRD).