Predict Future Video Frames

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Most implemented papers

Disentangling Propagation and Generation for Video Prediction

NagabhushanSN95/DPG-Video-Prediction ICCV 2019

A dynamic scene has two types of elements: those that move fluidly and can be predicted from previous frames, and those which are disoccluded (exposed) and cannot be extrapolated.

VideoFlow: A Conditional Flow-Based Model for Stochastic Video Generation

tensorflow/tensor2tensor ICLR 2020

Generative models that can model and predict sequences of future events can, in principle, learn to capture complex real-world phenomena, such as physical interactions.

Future Video Synthesis with Object Motion Prediction

YueWuHKUST/FutureVideoSynthesis CVPR 2020

We present an approach to predict future video frames given a sequence of continuous video frames in the past.