Predictive Process Monitoring

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A branch of predictive analysis that attempts to predict some future state of a business process.

Most implemented papers

Predictive Business Process Monitoring with LSTM Neural Networks

verenich/ProcessSequencePrediction 7 Dec 2016

First, we show that LSTMs outperform existing techniques to predict the next event of a running case and its timestamp.

Alarm-Based Prescriptive Process Monitoring

TaXxER/AlarmBasedProcessPrediction 23 Mar 2018

Predictive process monitoring is concerned with the analysis of events produced during the execution of a process in order to predict the future state of ongoing cases thereof.

Outcome-Oriented Predictive Process Monitoring: Review and Benchmark

irhete/predictive-monitoring-benchmark 21 Jul 2017

Predictive business process monitoring refers to the act of making predictions about the future state of ongoing cases of a business process, based on their incomplete execution traces and logs of historical (completed) traces.

Temporal Stability in Predictive Process Monitoring

irhete/stability-predictive-monitoring 12 Dec 2017

We then show that temporal stability can be enhanced by hyperparameter-optimizing random forests and XGBoost classifiers with respect to inter-run stability.

Fire Now, Fire Later: Alarm-Based Systems for Prescriptive Process Monitoring

samadeusfp/alarmBasedPrescriptiveProcessMonitoring 23 May 2019

Predictive process monitoring is a family of techniques to analyze events produced during the execution of a business process in order to predict the future state or the final outcome of running process instances.

Predictive Business Process Monitoring via Generative Adversarial Nets: The Case of Next Event Prediction

farbodtaymouri/GanPredictiveMonitoring 25 Mar 2020

Predictive process monitoring aims to predict future characteristics of an ongoing process case, such as case outcome or remaining timestamp.

Explainable Predictive Process Monitoring

PyRicky/LSTM_Generic_explainable 4 Aug 2020

Predictive Business Process Monitoring is becoming an essential aid for organizations, providing online operational support of their processes.

Evaluating Explainable Methods for Predictive Process Analytics: A Functionally-Grounded Approach

Mythreyi-V/PPA_Evaluation 8 Dec 2020

Current explainable machine learning methods, such as LIME and SHAP, can be used to interpret black box models.

Explainability of Predictive Process Monitoring Results: Can You See My Data Issues?

ghadaelkhawaga/ppm_xai_comparison 16 Feb 2022

To address this gap, we investigate the effect of different PPM settings on resulting data fed into an ML model and consequently to a XAI method.