Robust Camera Only 3D Object Detection

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Most implemented papers

BEVFormer: Learning Bird's-Eye-View Representation from Multi-Camera Images via Spatiotemporal Transformers

zhiqi-li/BEVFormer 31 Mar 2022

In a nutshell, BEVFormer exploits both spatial and temporal information by interacting with spatial and temporal space through predefined grid-shaped BEV queries.

BEVDet: High-performance Multi-camera 3D Object Detection in Bird-Eye-View

HuangJunJie2017/BEVDet 22 Dec 2021

As a fast version, BEVDet-Tiny scores 31. 2% mAP and 39. 2% NDS on the nuScenes val set.

BEVDepth: Acquisition of Reliable Depth for Multi-view 3D Object Detection

megvii-basedetection/bevdepth 21 Jun 2022

In this research, we propose a new 3D object detector with a trustworthy depth estimation, dubbed BEVDepth, for camera-based Bird's-Eye-View (BEV) 3D object detection.

SRCN3D: Sparse R-CNN 3D for Compact Convolutional Multi-View 3D Object Detection and Tracking

synsin0/srcn3d 29 Jun 2022

Our novel sparse feature sampling module only utilizes local 2D region of interest (RoI) features calculated by the projection of 3D query boxes for further box refinement, leading to a fully-convolutional and deployment-friendly pipeline.

DETR3D: 3D Object Detection from Multi-view Images via 3D-to-2D Queries

wangyueft/detr3d 13 Oct 2021

This top-down approach outperforms its bottom-up counterpart in which object bounding box prediction follows per-pixel depth estimation, since it does not suffer from the compounding error introduced by a depth prediction model.

PETR: Position Embedding Transformation for Multi-View 3D Object Detection

megvii-research/petr 10 Mar 2022

Object query can perceive the 3D position-aware features and perform end-to-end object detection.

BEVerse: Unified Perception and Prediction in Birds-Eye-View for Vision-Centric Autonomous Driving

zhangyp15/beverse 19 May 2022

Specifically, BEVerse first performs shared feature extraction and lifting to generate 4D BEV representations from multi-timestamp and multi-view images.

PolarFormer: Multi-camera 3D Object Detection with Polar Transformer

fudan-zvg/polarformer 30 Jun 2022

3D object detection in autonomous driving aims to reason "what" and "where" the objects of interest present in a 3D world.

Time Will Tell: New Outlooks and A Baseline for Temporal Multi-View 3D Object Detection

divadi/solofusion 5 Oct 2022

While recent camera-only 3D detection methods leverage multiple timesteps, the limited history they use significantly hampers the extent to which temporal fusion can improve object perception.

Sparse4D: Multi-view 3D Object Detection with Sparse Spatial-Temporal Fusion

linxuewu/sparse4d 19 Nov 2022

Bird-eye-view (BEV) based methods have made great progress recently in multi-view 3D detection task.