Robust Face Recognition

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Robust face recognition is the task of performing recognition in an unconstrained environment, where there is variation of view-point, scale, pose, illumination and expression of the face images.

( Image credit: MeGlass dataset )

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Pose-Robust Face Recognition via Deep Residual Equivariant Mapping

penincillin/DREAM CVPR 2018

However, many contemporary face recognition models still perform relatively poor in processing profile faces compared to frontal faces.

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Face Synthesis for Eyeglass-Robust Face Recognition

cleardusk/MeGlass 4 Jun 2018

A feasible method is to collect large-scale face images with eyeglasses for training deep learning methods.

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Occlusion Robust Face Recognition Based on Mask Learning With Pairwise Differential Siamese Network

linserSnow/PDSN ICCV 2019

Inspired by the fact that human visual system explicitly ignores the occlusion and only focuses on the non-occluded facial areas, we propose a mask learning strategy to find and discard corrupted feature elements from recognition.

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OSTeC: One-Shot Texture Completion

barisgecer/OSTeC CVPR 2021

Many recent 3D facial texture reconstruction and pose manipulation from a single image approaches still rely on large and clean face datasets to train image-to-image Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

Face Recognition Robust Face Recognition

A Fast and Accurate Unconstrained Face Detector

N2ITN/Face2Vec 6 Aug 2014

First, a new image feature called Normalized Pixel Difference (NPD) is proposed.

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Face Recognition via Locality Constrained Low Rank Representation and Dictionary Learning

yinhefeng/LCLRRDL 6 Dec 2019

First, a low-rank representation is introduced to handle the possible contamination of the training as well as test data.

Dictionary Learning Face Recognition +1