Scene Text Detection

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Scene Text Detection is a computer vision task that involves automatically identifying and localizing text within natural images or videos. The goal of scene text detection is to develop algorithms that can robustly detect and and label text with bounding boxes in uncontrolled and complex environments, such as street signs, billboards, or license plates.

Source: ContourNet: Taking a Further Step toward Accurate Arbitrary-shaped Scene Text Detection


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Most implemented papers

EAST: An Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detector

PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR CVPR 2017

Previous approaches for scene text detection have already achieved promising performances across various benchmarks.

Detecting Text in Natural Image with Connectionist Text Proposal Network

eragonruan/text-detection-ctpn 12 Sep 2016

We propose a novel Connectionist Text Proposal Network (CTPN) that accurately localizes text lines in natural image.

Character Region Awareness for Text Detection

JaidedAI/EasyOCR CVPR 2019

Scene text detection methods based on neural networks have emerged recently and have shown promising results.

Shape Robust Text Detection with Progressive Scale Expansion Network

PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR CVPR 2019

Due to the fact that there are large geometrical margins among the minimal scale kernels, our method is effective to split the close text instances, making it easier to use segmentation-based methods to detect arbitrary-shaped text instances.

Real-time Scene Text Detection with Differentiable Binarization

MhLiao/DB 20 Nov 2019

Recently, segmentation-based methods are quite popular in scene text detection, as the segmentation results can more accurately describe scene text of various shapes such as curve text.

Shape Robust Text Detection with Progressive Scale Expansion Network

whai362/PSENet 7 Jun 2018

To address these problems, we propose a novel Progressive Scale Expansion Network (PSENet), designed as a segmentation-based detector with multiple predictions for each text instance.

ABCNet: Real-time Scene Text Spotting with Adaptive Bezier-Curve Network

aim-uofa/AdelaiDet CVPR 2020

Our contributions are three-fold: 1) For the first time, we adaptively fit arbitrarily-shaped text by a parameterized Bezier curve.

Fourier Contour Embedding for Arbitrary-Shaped Text Detection

PaddlePaddle/PaddleOCR CVPR 2021 2021

One of the main challenges for arbitrary-shaped text detection is to design a good text instance representation that allows networks to learn diverse text geometry variances.

FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting with a Unified Network

jiangxiluning/FOTS.PyTorch CVPR 2018

Incidental scene text spotting is considered one of the most difficult and valuable challenges in the document analysis community.

Detecting Oriented Text in Natural Images by Linking Segments

dengdan/seglink CVPR 2017

It achieves an f-measure of 75. 0% on the standard ICDAR 2015 Incidental (Challenge 4) benchmark, outperforming the previous best by a large margin.