Sequence-to-sequence Language Modeling

4 papers with code • 51 benchmarks • 26 datasets

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Most implemented papers

Assemble Foundation Models for Automatic Code Summarization

jianguda/afm4acs 13 Jan 2022

Thereby, we propose a flexible and robust approach for automatic code summarization, based on neural models.

Replacing Language Model for Style Transfer

linear95/rlm 14 Nov 2022

The new span is generated via a non-autoregressive masked language model, which can better preserve the local-contextual meaning of the replaced token.

ViHOS: Hate Speech Spans Detection for Vietnamese

phusroyal/vihos 24 Jan 2023

The rise in hateful and offensive language directed at other users is one of the adverse side effects of the increased use of social networking platforms.

diff History for Neural Language Agents

upiterbarg/diff_history 12 Dec 2023

On NetHack, an unsolved video game that requires long-horizon reasoning for decision-making, LMs tuned with diff history match state-of-the-art performance for neural agents while needing 1800x fewer training examples compared to prior work.