Sleep apnea detection

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DOSED: a deep learning approach to detect multiple sleep micro-events in EEG signal

Dreem-Organization/dosed 7 Dec 2018

The proposed approach, applied here on sleep related micro-architecture events, is inspired by object detectors developed for computer vision such as YOLO and SSD.

EEG K-complex detection +5

Non-contact Infant Sleep Apnea Detection

gihanjayatilaka/Sleep_Apnea_Detection 10 Oct 2019

This paper presents a novel algorithm for the detection of sleep apnea with video processing.

Sleep apnea detection

A 1D-CNN Based Deep Learning Technique for Sleep Apnea Detection in IoT Sensors

arlenejohn/CNN_sleep_apnea 2 May 2021

This paper introduces a novel method for apnea detection (pause in breathing) from electrocardiogram (ECG) signals obtained from wearable devices.

Binarization Sleep apnea detection