Small Object Detection

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Small object detection is the task of detecting small objects.

( Image credit: Feature-Fused SSD )

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An Energy and GPU-Computation Efficient Backbone Network for Real-Time Object Detection

osmr/imgclsmob 22 Apr 2019

As DenseNet conserves intermediate features with diverse receptive fields by aggregating them with dense connection, it shows good performance on the object detection task.

Real-Time Object Detection Semantic Segmentation +1

Rethinking Rotated Object Detection with Gaussian Wasserstein Distance Loss

yangxue0827/RotationDetection 28 Jan 2021

Boundary discontinuity and its inconsistency to the final detection metric have been the bottleneck for rotating detection regression loss design.

Small Object Detection

Small-Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images with End-to-End Edge-Enhanced GAN and Object Detector Network

Jakaria08/EESRGAN 20 Mar 2020

Inspired by the success of edge enhanced GAN (EEGAN) and ESRGAN, we apply a new edge-enhanced super-resolution GAN (EESRGAN) to improve the image quality of remote sensing images and use different detector networks in an end-to-end manner where detector loss is backpropagated into the EESRGAN to improve the detection performance.

Image Enhancement Remote Sensing Image Classification +3

Reducing Label Noise in Anchor-Free Object Detection

nerminsamet/ppdet BMVC 2020

In this paper, we propose a new labeling strategy aimed to reduce the label noise in anchor-free detectors.

Small Object Detection

Augmentation for small object detection

zzl-pointcloud/Data_Augmentation_Zoo_for_Object_Detection 19 Feb 2019

We evaluate different pasting augmentation strategies, and ultimately, we achieve 9. 7\% relative improvement on the instance segmentation and 7. 1\% on the object detection of small objects, compared to the current state of the art method on

Instance Segmentation Semantic Segmentation +1

QueryDet: Cascaded Sparse Query for Accelerating High-Resolution Small Object Detection

ChenhongyiYang/QueryDet-PyTorch 16 Mar 2021

On the popular COCO dataset, the proposed method improves the detection mAP by 1. 0 and mAP-small by 2. 0, and the high-resolution inference speed is improved to 3. 0x on average.

Small Object Detection

SWIPENET: Object detection in noisy underwater images

LongChenCV/SWIPENet 19 Oct 2020

Moreover, inspired by the human education process that drives the learning from easy to hard concepts, we here propose the CMA training paradigm that first trains a clean detector which is free from the influence of noisy data.

Small Object Detection

Underwater object detection using Invert Multi-Class Adaboost with deep learning

LongChenCV/SWIPENet 23 May 2020

In addition, we propose a novel sample-weighted loss function which can model sample weights for SWIPENet, which uses a novel sample re-weighting algorithm, namely Invert Multi-Class Adaboost (IMA), to reduce the influence of noise on the proposed SWIPENet.

Small Object Detection

Structure-measure: A New Way to Evaluate Foreground Maps

DengPingFan/S-measure ICCV 2017

Our new measure simultaneously evaluates region-aware and object-aware structural similarity between a SM and a GT map.

Salient Object Detection Semantic Segmentation +3

Feature-Fused SSD: Fast Detection for Small Objects

wnzhyee/Feature-Fused-SSD 15 Sep 2017

We propose a multi-level feature fusion method for introducing contextual information in SSD, in order to improve the accuracy for small objects.

Small Object Detection