Speaker Verification

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Speaker verification is the verifying the identity of a person from characteristics of the voice.

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Generalized End-to-End Loss for Speaker Verification

CorentinJ/Real-Time-Voice-Cloning 28 Oct 2017

In this paper, we propose a new loss function called generalized end-to-end (GE2E) loss, which makes the training of speaker verification models more efficient than our previous tuple-based end-to-end (TE2E) loss function.

Domain Adaptation Speaker Verification

Ludwig: a type-based declarative deep learning toolbox

uber/ludwig 17 Sep 2019

In this work we present Ludwig, a flexible, extensible and easy to use toolbox which allows users to train deep learning models and use them for obtaining predictions without writing code.

Image Captioning Image Classification +12

3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Cross Audio-Visual Matching Recognition

astorfi/lip-reading-deeplearning 18 Jun 2017

We propose the use of a coupled 3D Convolutional Neural Network (3D-CNN) architecture that can map both modalities into a representation space to evaluate the correspondence of audio-visual streams using the learned multimodal features.

Speaker Verification Speech Recognition

Speaker Recognition from Raw Waveform with SincNet

mravanelli/SincNet 29 Jul 2018

Rather than employing standard hand-crafted features, the latter CNNs learn low-level speech representations from waveforms, potentially allowing the network to better capture important narrow-band speaker characteristics such as pitch and formants.

Speaker Identification Speaker Recognition +1

Text-Independent Speaker Verification Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

astorfi/3D-convolutional-speaker-recognition 26 May 2017

In our paper, we propose an adaptive feature learning by utilizing the 3D-CNNs for direct speaker model creation in which, for both development and enrollment phases, an identical number of spoken utterances per speaker is fed to the network for representing the speakers' utterances and creation of the speaker model.

Text-Independent Speaker Verification

Defense for Black-box Attacks on Anti-spoofing Models by Self-Supervised Learning

s3prl/s3prl 5 Jun 2020

To explore this issue, we proposed to employ Mockingjay, a self-supervised learning based model, to protect anti-spoofing models against adversarial attacks in the black-box scenario.

Self-Supervised Learning Speaker Verification +1

VoxCeleb2: Deep Speaker Recognition

a-nagrani/VGGVox 14 Jun 2018

The objective of this paper is speaker recognition under noisy and unconstrained conditions.

Speaker Recognition Speaker Verification

End-to-End Text-Dependent Speaker Verification

Janghyun1230/Speaker_Verification 27 Sep 2015

In this paper we present a data-driven, integrated approach to speaker verification, which maps a test utterance and a few reference utterances directly to a single score for verification and jointly optimizes the system's components using the same evaluation protocol and metric as at test time.

Text-Dependent Speaker Verification