Surgical Gesture Recognition

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Most implemented papers

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Surgical Gesture Segmentation and Classification

Finspire13/RL-Surgical-Gesture-Segmentation 21 Jun 2018

Recognition of surgical gesture is crucial for surgical skill assessment and efficient surgery training.

Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks to Learn Spatiotemporal Features for Automatic Surgical Gesture Recognition in Video

nct_tso_public/surgical_gesture_recognition 26 Jul 2019

However, surgical gesture recognition based only on video is a challenging problem that requires effective means to extract both visual and temporal information from the video.

Symmetric Dilated Convolution for Surgical Gesture Recognition

lulucelia/SdConv 13 Jul 2020

The experiment results demonstrate the ability of our method on capturing long-term frame dependencies, which largely outperform the state-of-the-art methods on the frame-wise accuracy up to ~6 points and the F1@50 score ~6 points.

Bounded Future MS-TCN++ for surgical gesture recognition

AdamGoldbraikh/Bounded-Future-MS-TCNPP-for-Surgical-Gesture-Recognition 29 Sep 2022

Our goal in this study was to learn the performance-delay trade-off and design an MS-TCN++-based algorithm that can utilize this trade-off.

Zero-shot Prompt-based Video Encoder for Surgical Gesture Recognition

mx-ethan-rao/robotic_gesture_tools 28 Mar 2024

Purpose: Surgical video is an important data stream for gesture recognition.