Survival Prediction

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Brain Tumor Segmentation and Radiomics Survival Prediction: Contribution to the BRATS 2017 Challenge

pykao/Modified-3D-UNet-Pytorch 28 Feb 2018

Quantitative analysis of brain tumors is critical for clinical decision making.

Interpretable, similarity-driven multi-view embeddings from high-dimensional biomedical data

ANTsX/ANTsR 11 Jun 2020

Similarity-driven multi-view linear reconstruction (SiMLR) is an algorithm that exploits inter-modality relationships to transform large scientific datasets into smaller, more well-powered and interpretable low-dimensional spaces.

Conformalized Survival Analysis

zhimeir/cfsurvival 17 Mar 2021

Existing survival analysis techniques heavily rely on strong modelling assumptions and are, therefore, prone to model misspecification errors.

DeepMTS: Deep Multi-task Learning for Survival Prediction in Patients with Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma using Pretreatment PET/CT

mungomeng/survival-deepmts 16 Sep 2021

However, the models using the whole target regions will also include non-relevant background information, while the models using segmented tumor regions will disregard potentially prognostic information existing out of primary tumors (e. g., local lymph node metastasis and adjacent tissue invasion).

Scaling Vision Transformers to Gigapixel Images via Hierarchical Self-Supervised Learning

mahmoodlab/hipt CVPR 2022

Vision Transformers (ViTs) and their multi-scale and hierarchical variations have been successful at capturing image representations but their use has been generally studied for low-resolution images (e. g. - 256x256, 384384).

AdaMSS: Adaptive Multi-Modality Segmentation-to-Survival Learning for Survival Outcome Prediction from PET/CT Images

mungomeng/survival-adamss 17 May 2023

Instead of adopting MTL, we propose a novel Segmentation-to-Survival Learning (SSL) strategy, where our AdaMSS is trained for tumor segmentation and survival prediction sequentially in two stages.

Personalized Survival Prediction with Contextual Explanation Networks

alshedivat/cen 30 Jan 2018

Accurate and transparent prediction of cancer survival times on the level of individual patients can inform and improve patient care and treatment practices.

Countdown Regression: Sharp and Calibrated Survival Predictions

stanfordmlgroup/cdr-mimic 21 Jun 2018

Probabilistic survival predictions from models trained with Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) can have high, and sometimes unacceptably high variance.

Brain Tumor Segmentation and Tractographic Feature Extraction from Structural MR Images for Overall Survival Prediction

pykao/BraTS2018-tumor-segmentation 20 Jul 2018

For segmentation, we utilize an existing brain parcellation atlas in the MNI152 1mm space and map this parcellation to each individual subject data.

Survival prediction using ensemble tumor segmentation and transfer learning

marianocabezas/challenges2018 4 Oct 2018

Moreover, predicting the survival of the patient using mainly imaging features, while being a desirable outcome to evaluate the treatment of the patient, it is also a difficult task.