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Structured Content Preservation for Unsupervised Text Style Transfer

asyml/texar 15 Oct 2018

Text style transfer aims to modify the style of a sentence while keeping its content unchanged.

Language Modelling Style Transfer +2

Unsupervised Text Style Transfer using Language Models as Discriminators

asyml/texar NeurIPS 2018

Binary classifiers are often employed as discriminators in GAN-based unsupervised style transfer systems to ensure that transferred sentences are similar to sentences in the target domain.

Decipherment Language Modelling +4

Deep Learning for Text Style Transfer: A Survey

fuzhenxin/Style-Transfer-in-Text 1 Nov 2020

Text style transfer is an important task in natural language generation, which aims to control certain attributes in the generated text, such as politeness, emotion, humor, and many others.

Style Transfer Text Attribute Transfer +1

Text Style Transfer: A Review and Experimental Evaluation

fuzhenxin/Style-Transfer-in-Text 24 Oct 2020

This article aims to provide a comprehensive review of recent research efforts on text style transfer.

Style Transfer Text Style Transfer

Style Transfer from Non-Parallel Text by Cross-Alignment

shentianxiao/language-style-transfer NeurIPS 2017

We demonstrate the effectiveness of this cross-alignment method on three tasks: sentiment modification, decipherment of word substitution ciphers, and recovery of word order.

Decipherment Machine Translation +3

Controllable Artistic Text Style Transfer via Shape-Matching GAN

TAMU-VITA/ShapeMatchingGAN ICCV 2019

In this paper, we present the first text style transfer network that allows for real-time control of the crucial stylistic degree of the glyph through an adjustable parameter.

Style Transfer Text Style Transfer

A Dual Reinforcement Learning Framework for Unsupervised Text Style Transfer

luofuli/DualRL 24 May 2019

Therefore, in this paper, we propose a dual reinforcement learning framework to directly transfer the style of the text via a one-step mapping model, without any separation of content and style.

Text Style Transfer Unsupervised Text Style Transfer

Style Transfer Through Back-Translation

shrimai/Style-Transfer-Through-Back-Translation ACL 2018

We first learn a latent representation of the input sentence which is grounded in a language translation model in order to better preserve the meaning of the sentence while reducing stylistic properties.

Style Transfer Text Style Transfer +1

Educating Text Autoencoders: Latent Representation Guidance via Denoising

shentianxiao/text-autoencoders ICML 2020

We prove that this simple modification guides the latent space geometry of the resulting model by encouraging the encoder to map similar texts to similar latent representations.

Denoising Style Transfer +1

A Probabilistic Formulation of Unsupervised Text Style Transfer

cindyxinyiwang/TextStyleTransfer ICLR 2020

Across all style transfer tasks, our approach yields substantial gains over state-of-the-art non-generative baselines, including the state-of-the-art unsupervised machine translation techniques that our approach generalizes.

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