Thoracic Disease Classification

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Anatomy X-Net: A Semi-Supervised Anatomy Aware Convolutional Neural Network for Thoracic Disease Classification

no code yet • 10 Jun 2021

We leverage a semi-supervised learning method using the JSRT dataset containing organ-level annotation to obtain the anatomical segmentation masks (for lungs and heart) for the NIH and CheXpert datasets.

Thoracic Disease Classification

Rethinking annotation granularity for overcoming deep shortcut learning: A retrospective study on chest radiographs

no code yet • 21 Apr 2021

Then, we compared the models' internal performance on the lesion localization task and showed that CheXDet achieved significantly better performance than CheXNet even when given 80% less training data.

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Multi-label Thoracic Disease Image Classification with Cross-Attention Networks

no code yet • 21 Jul 2020

Automated disease classification of radiology images has been emerging as a promising technique to support clinical diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Deep Mining External Imperfect Data for Chest X-ray Disease Screening

no code yet • 6 Jun 2020

Recent researches have demonstrated that performance bottleneck exists in joint training on different CXR datasets, and few made efforts to address the obstacle.

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SDFN: Segmentation-based Deep Fusion Network for Thoracic Disease Classification in Chest X-ray Images

no code yet • 30 Oct 2018

Two CNN-based classification models were then used as feature extractors to obtain the discriminative features of the entire CXR images and the cropped lung region images.

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Dynamic Routing on Deep Neural Network for Thoracic Disease Classification and Sensitive Area Localization

no code yet • 17 Aug 2018

We present and evaluate a new deep neural network architecture for automatic thoracic disease detection on chest X-rays.

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Weakly Supervised Deep Learning for Thoracic Disease Classification and Localization on Chest X-rays

no code yet • 16 Jul 2018

Chest X-rays is one of the most commonly available and affordable radiological examinations in clinical practice.

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