Unconditional Video Generation

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Most implemented papers

Video Diffusion Models

lucidrains/imagen-pytorch 7 Apr 2022

Generating temporally coherent high fidelity video is an important milestone in generative modeling research.

Latent Neural Differential Equations for Video Generation

Zasder3/Latent-Neural-Differential-Equations-for-Video-Generation 7 Nov 2020

Generative Adversarial Networks have recently shown promise for video generation, building off of the success of image generation while also addressing a new challenge: time.

CelebV-HQ: A Large-Scale Video Facial Attributes Dataset

celebv-hq/celebv-hq 25 Jul 2022

Large-scale datasets have played indispensable roles in the recent success of face generation/editing and significantly facilitated the advances of emerging research fields.