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Unity: A General Platform for Intelligent Agents

Unity-Technologies/ml-agents 7 Sep 2018

Recent advances in artificial intelligence have been driven by the presence of increasingly realistic and complex simulated environments.

The Tsetlin Machine - A Game Theoretic Bandit Driven Approach to Optimal Pattern Recognition with Propositional Logic

cair/TsetlinMachine 4 Apr 2018

Our theoretical analysis establishes that the Nash equilibria of the game align with the propositional formulas that provide optimal pattern recognition accuracy.

A Regression Tsetlin Machine with Integer Weighted Clauses for Compact Pattern Representation

cair/pyTsetlinMachine 4 Feb 2020

Although the RTM has solved non-linear regression problems with competitive accuracy, the resolution of the output is proportional to the number of clauses employed.

Reinforcement Learning from Hierarchical Critics

czh513/Hierarchical-Critics-Assignment-for-Multi-agent-Reinforcement-Learning 8 Feb 2019

Within the actor-critic RL, we introduce multiple cooperative critics from two levels of the hierarchy and propose a reinforcement learning from hierarchical critics (RLHC) algorithm.

3D Dynamic Scene Graphs: Actionable Spatial Perception with Places, Objects, and Humans

MIT-SPARK/Kimera 15 Feb 2020

Our second contribution is to provide the first fully automatic Spatial PerceptIon eNgine(SPIN) to build a DSG from visual-inertial data.

Arena: A General Evaluation Platform and Building Toolkit for Multi-Agent Intelligence

YuhangSong/Arena-Baselines 17 May 2019

That is, there is not yet a general evaluation platform for research on multi-agent intelligence.

Simulating Content Consistent Vehicle Datasets with Attribute Descent

yorkeyao/VehicleX ECCV 2020

Between synthetic and real data, there is a two-level domain gap, i. e., content level and appearance level.

Open-Source Morphology for Endangered Mordvinic Languages

giellalt/lang-mdf 11 Nov 2020

This document describes shared development of finite-state description of two closely related but endangered minority languages, Erzya and Moksha.

Pac-Man Pete: An extensible framework for building AI in VEX Robotics

blrsai/vexai-sim 25 Nov 2022

This technical report details VEX Robotics team BLRSAI's development of a fully autonomous robot for VEX Robotics' Tipping Point AI Competition.

Online control of the false discovery rate with decaying memory

fanny-yang/MABFDR NeurIPS 2017

In the online multiple testing problem, p-values corresponding to different null hypotheses are observed one by one, and the decision of whether or not to reject the current hypothesis must be made immediately, after which the next p-value is observed.