Unsupervised Image Segmentation

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W-Net: A Deep Model for Fully Unsupervised Image Segmentation

Andrew-booler/W-Net 22 Nov 2017

While significant attention has been recently focused on designing supervised deep semantic segmentation algorithms for vision tasks, there are many domains in which sufficient supervised pixel-level labels are difficult to obtain.

GENESIS: Generative Scene Inference and Sampling with Object-Centric Latent Representations

applied-ai-lab/genesis ICLR 2020

Generative latent-variable models are emerging as promising tools in robotics and reinforcement learning.

Unsupervised Learning of Image Segmentation Based on Differentiable Feature Clustering

kanezaki/pytorch-unsupervised-segmentation-tip 20 Jul 2020

The usage of convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for unsupervised image segmentation was investigated in this study.

GENESIS-V2: Inferring Unordered Object Representations without Iterative Refinement

applied-ai-lab/genesis NeurIPS 2021

Moreover, object representations are often inferred using RNNs which do not scale well to large images or iterative refinement which avoids imposing an unnatural ordering on objects in an image but requires the a priori initialisation of a fixed number of object representations.

Improving Object-centric Learning with Query Optimization

wall-facer-liuyu/bo-qsa 17 Oct 2022

The ability to decompose complex natural scenes into meaningful object-centric abstractions lies at the core of human perception and reasoning.

Salient object detection on hyperspectral images using features learned from unsupervised segmentation task

gqding/SUDF 28 Feb 2019

Various saliency detection algorithms from color images have been proposed to mimic eye fixation or attentive object detection response of human observers for the same scenes.

Autoregressive Unsupervised Image Segmentation

Max-Manning/autoregunsupseg ECCV 2020

In this work, we propose a new unsupervised image segmentation approach based on mutual information maximization between different constructed views of the inputs.

Information-Theoretic Segmentation by Inpainting Error Maximization

lolemacs/iem CVPR 2021

We study image segmentation from an information-theoretic perspective, proposing a novel adversarial method that performs unsupervised segmentation by partitioning images into maximally independent sets.

Unsupervised Hyperspectral Stimulated Raman Microscopy Image Enhancement: Denoising and Segmentation via One-Shot Deep Learning

CLEANit/SRS2021 14 Apr 2021

Hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy is a label-free technique for biomedical and mineralogical imaging which can suffer from low signal to noise ratios.

RAMA: A Rapid Multicut Algorithm on GPU

pawelswoboda/rama CVPR 2022

We propose a highly parallel primal-dual algorithm for the multicut (a. k. a.