Video Emotion Recognition

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Most implemented papers

MIMAMO Net: Integrating Micro- and Macro-motion for Video Emotion Recognition

wtomin/MIMAMO-Net 21 Nov 2019

Spatial-temporal feature learning is of vital importance for video emotion recognition.

Emotion Recognition in Audio and Video Using Deep Neural Networks

julieeF/CS231N-Project 15 Jun 2020

Humans are able to comprehend information from multiple domains for e. g. speech, text and visual.

Technical Report for Valence-Arousal Estimation on Affwild2 Dataset

madhurchhajed/Facial-Emotion-Recognition 4 May 2021

In this work, we describe our method for tackling the valence-arousal estimation challenge from ABAW FG-2020 Competition.

FV2ES: A Fully End2End Multimodal System for Fast Yet Effective Video Emotion Recognition Inference

qlwei89/fv2es 21 Sep 2022

In the latest social networks, more and more people prefer to express their emotions in videos through text, speech, and rich facial expressions.

Weakly Supervised Video Emotion Detection and Prediction via Cross-Modal Temporal Erasing Network

nku-zhichengzhang/wecl CVPR 2023

Automatically predicting the emotions of user-generated videos (UGVs) receives increasing interest recently.

eMotions: A Large-Scale Dataset for Emotion Recognition in Short Videos

xuecwu/emotions 29 Nov 2023

The prevailing use of SVs to spread emotions leads to the necessity of emotion recognition in SVs.

MultiMAE-DER: Multimodal Masked Autoencoder for Dynamic Emotion Recognition

Peihao-Xiang/MultiMAE-DFER 28 Apr 2024

In comparison to state-of-the-art multimodal supervised learning models for dynamic emotion recognition, MultiMAE-DER enhances the weighted average recall (WAR) by 4. 41% on the RAVDESS dataset and by 2. 06% on the CREMAD.