Video Emotion Recognition

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Most implemented papers

MIMAMO Net: Integrating Micro- and Macro-motion for Video Emotion Recognition

wtomin/MIMAMO-Net 21 Nov 2019

Spatial-temporal feature learning is of vital importance for video emotion recognition.

Emotion Recognition in Audio and Video Using Deep Neural Networks

julieeF/CS231N-Project 15 Jun 2020

Humans are able to comprehend information from multiple domains for e. g. speech, text and visual.

Technical Report for Valence-Arousal Estimation on Affwild2 Dataset

madhurchhajed/Facial-Emotion-Recognition 4 May 2021

In this work, we describe our method for tackling the valence-arousal estimation challenge from ABAW FG-2020 Competition.

FV2ES: A Fully End2End Multimodal System for Fast Yet Effective Video Emotion Recognition Inference

qlwei89/fv2es 21 Sep 2022

In the latest social networks, more and more people prefer to express their emotions in videos through text, speech, and rich facial expressions.

Versatile Audio-Visual Learning for Handling Single and Multi Modalities in Emotion Regression and Classification Tasks

ilucasgoncalves/vavl 12 May 2023

This study proposes a \emph{versatile audio-visual learning} (VAVL) framework for handling unimodal and multimodal systems for emotion regression and emotion classification tasks.