Voice Anti-spoofing

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Discriminate genuine speech and spoofing attacks

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One-class learning towards generalized voice spoofing detection

yzyouzhang/AIR-ASVspoof 27 Oct 2020

Human voices can be used to authenticate the identity of the speaker, but the automatic speaker verification (ASV) systems are vulnerable to voice spoofing attacks, such as impersonation, replay, text-to-speech, and voice conversion.

An Empirical Study on Channel Effects for Synthetic Voice Spoofing Countermeasure Systems

yzyouzhang/Empirical-Channel-CM 3 Apr 2021

Spoofing countermeasure (CM) systems are critical in speaker verification; they aim to discern spoofing attacks from bona fide speech trials.

ReMASC: Realistic Replay Attack Corpus for Voice Controlled Systems

YuanGongND/ReMASC 6 Apr 2019

This paper introduces a new database of voice recordings with the goal of supporting research on vulnerabilities and protection of voice-controlled systems (VCSs).

Spoof detection using time-delay shallow neural network and feature switching

mariganeshkumar/TDSNN-spoof-detection 16 Apr 2019

When combined with the decision-level feature switching (DLFS) paradigm, the best TD-SNN system outperforms the best baseline GMM system on evaluation data with a relative improvement of 48. 03\% and 49. 47\% for both logical and physical access, respectively.

Visualizing Classifier Adjacency Relations: A Case Study in Speaker Verification and Voice Anti-Spoofing

asvspoof-challenge/classifier-adjacency 11 Jun 2021

Whether it be for results summarization, or the analysis of classifier fusion, some means to compare different classifiers can often provide illuminating insight into their behaviour, (dis)similarity or complementarity.

Efficient Attention Branch Network with Combined Loss Function for Automatic Speaker Verification Spoof Detection

AmirmohammadRostami/ASV-anti-spoofing-with-EABN 5 Sep 2021

Many endeavors have sought to develop countermeasure techniques as enhancements on Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV) systems, in order to make them more robust against spoof attacks.

FastAudio: A Learnable Audio Front-End for Spoof Speech Detection

magnumresearchgroup/Fastaudio 6 Sep 2021

The FastAudio front-end achieves a relative improvement of 27% when compared with fixed front-ends, outperforming all other learnable front-ends on this task.

AASIST: Audio Anti-Spoofing using Integrated Spectro-Temporal Graph Attention Networks

clovaai/aasist 4 Oct 2021

Artefacts that differentiate spoofed from bona-fide utterances can reside in spectral or temporal domains.

RawBoost: A Raw Data Boosting and Augmentation Method applied to Automatic Speaker Verification Anti-Spoofing

TakHemlata/RawBoost-antispoofing 8 Nov 2021

This paper introduces RawBoost, a data boosting and augmentation method for the design of more reliable spoofing detection solutions which operate directly upon raw waveform inputs.

SAMO: Speaker Attractor Multi-Center One-Class Learning for Voice Anti-Spoofing

sivannavis/samo 4 Nov 2022

Our previous research on one-class learning has improved the generalization ability to unseen attacks by compacting the bona fide speech in the embedding space.