DISFA (Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action)

Introduced by Seyed Mohammad Mavadati et al. in DISFA: A Spontaneous Facial Action Intensity Database

The Denver Intensity of Spontaneous Facial Action (DISFA) dataset consists of 27 videos of 4844 frames each, with 130,788 images in total. Action unit annotations are on different levels of intensity, which are ignored in the following experiments and action units are either set or unset. DISFA was selected from a wider range of databases popular in the field of facial expression recognition because of the high number of smiles, i.e. action unit 12. In detail, 30,792 have this action unit set, 82,176 images have some action unit(s) set and 48,612 images have no action unit(s) set at all.

Source: Deep Learning For Smile Recognition


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