DIV2K is a popular single-image super-resolution dataset which contains 1,000 images with different scenes and is splitted to 800 for training, 100 for validation and 100 for testing. It was collected for NTIRE2017 and NTIRE2018 Super-Resolution Challenges in order to encourage research on image super-resolution with more realistic degradation. This dataset contains low resolution images with different types of degradations. Apart from the standard bicubic downsampling, several types of degradations are considered in synthesizing low resolution images for different tracks of the challenges. Track 2 of NTIRE 2017 contains low resolution images with unknown x4 downscaling. Track 2 and track 4 of NTIRE 2018 correspond to realistic mild ×4 and realistic wild ×4 adverse conditions, respectively. Low-resolution images under realistic mild x4 setting suffer from motion blur, Poisson noise and pixel shifting. Degradations under realistic wild x4 setting are further extended to be of different levels from image to image.

Source: Unsupervised Image Super-Resolution with an Indirect Supervised Path


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