Image Super-Resolution

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Image Super-Resolution is a machine learning task where the goal is to increase the resolution of an image, often by a factor of 4x or more, while maintaining its content and details as much as possible. The end result is a high-resolution version of the original image. This task can be used for various applications such as improving image quality, enhancing visual detail, and increasing the accuracy of computer vision algorithms.


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Most implemented papers

Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network

tensorflow/models CVPR 2017

The adversarial loss pushes our solution to the natural image manifold using a discriminator network that is trained to differentiate between the super-resolved images and original photo-realistic images.

Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution

alexjc/neural-enhance 27 Mar 2016

We consider image transformation problems, where an input image is transformed into an output image.

Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Networks

nagadomi/waifu2x 31 Dec 2014

We further show that traditional sparse-coding-based SR methods can also be viewed as a deep convolutional network.

SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image

tamarott/SinGAN ICCV 2019

We introduce SinGAN, an unconditional generative model that can be learned from a single natural image.

Enhanced Deep Residual Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution

LimBee/NTIRE2017 10 Jul 2017

Recent research on super-resolution has progressed with the development of deep convolutional neural networks (DCNN).

ESRGAN: Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks

xinntao/ESRGAN 1 Sep 2018

To further enhance the visual quality, we thoroughly study three key components of SRGAN - network architecture, adversarial loss and perceptual loss, and improve each of them to derive an Enhanced SRGAN (ESRGAN).

Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Residual Channel Attention Networks

yulunzhang/RCAN ECCV 2018

To solve these problems, we propose the very deep residual channel attention networks (RCAN).

Beyond a Gaussian Denoiser: Residual Learning of Deep CNN for Image Denoising

cszn/DnCNN 13 Aug 2016

Discriminative model learning for image denoising has been recently attracting considerable attentions due to its favorable denoising performance.

Deep Back-Projection Networks For Super-Resolution

sanghyun-son/EDSR-PyTorch CVPR 2018

The feed-forward architectures of recently proposed deep super-resolution networks learn representations of low-resolution inputs, and the non-linear mapping from those to high-resolution output.