FewSOL (A Dataset for Few-Shot Object Learning in Robotic Environments)

Introduced by P et al. in FewSOL: A Dataset for Few-Shot Object Learning in Robotic Environments

The Few-Shot Object Learning (FewSOL) dataset can be used for object recognition with a few images per object. It contains 336 real-world objects with 9 RGB-D images per object from different views. Object segmentation masks, object poses and object attributes are provided. In addition, synthetic images generated using 330 3D object models are used to augment the dataset. FewSOL dataset can be used to study a set of few-shot object recognition problems such as classification, detection and segmentation, shape reconstruction, pose estimation, keypoint correspondences and attribute recognition.

Motivation: If robots can recognize objects from a few exemplar images, it is possible to scale up the number of objects a robot can recognize because collecting a few images per object is a much easier process compared to building a 3D model of an object. In addition, models trained in the meta-learning setting can generalize to new objects without re-training.


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