Introduced by Fonseca et al. in Audio tagging with noisy labels and minimal supervision

FSDKaggle2019 is an audio dataset containing 29,266 audio files annotated with 80 labels of the AudioSet Ontology. FSDKaggle2019 has been used for the DCASE Challenge 2019 Task 2, which was run as a Kaggle competition titled Freesound Audio Tagging 2019. The dataset allows development and evaluation of machine listening methods in conditions of label noise, minimal supervision, and real-world acoustic mismatch. FSDKaggle2019 consists of two train sets and one test set. One train set and the test set consists of manually-labeled data from Freesound, while the other train set consists of noisily labeled web audio data from Flickr videos taken from the YFCC dataset. The curated train set consists of manually labeled data from FSD: 4970 total clips with a total duration of 10.5 hours. The noisy train set has 19,815 clips with a total duration of 80 hours. The test set has 4481 clips with a total duration of 12.9 hours.

Source: https://labs.freesound.org/datasets/


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