Introduced by Zheng et al. in MMChat: Multi-Modal Chat Dataset on Social Media
  • A large scale Chinese multi-modal dialogue corpus (120.84K dialogues and 198.82 K images).
  • MMCHAT contains image-grounded dialogues collected from real conversations on social media.
  • We manually annotate 100K dialogues from MMCHAT with the dialogue quality and whether the dialogues are related to the given image.
  • We provide the rule-filtered raw dialogues that are used to create MMChat (Rule Filtered Raw MMChat). It contains 4.257 M dialogue sessions and 4.874 M images
  • We provide a version of MMChat that is filtered based on LCCC (LCCC Filtered MMChat). This version contain much cleaner dialogues (492.6 K dialogue sessions and 1.066 M images)


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