StarCraft II Learning Environment

Introduced by Vinyals et al. in StarCraft II: A New Challenge for Reinforcement Learning

The StarCraft II Learning Environment (S2LE) is a reinforcement learning environment based on the game StarCraft II. The environment consists of three sub-components: a Linux StarCraft II binary, the StarCraft II API and PySC2. The StarCraft II API allows programmatic control of StarCraft II. It can be used to start a game, get observations, take actions, and review replays. PyC2 is a Python environment that wraps the StarCraft II API to ease the interaction between Python reinforcement learning agents and StarCraft II. It defines an action and observation specification, and includes a random agent and a handful of rule-based agents as examples. It also includes some mini-games as challenges and visualization tools to understand what the agent can see and do.



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