Structured Prediction

Conditional Random Field

Conditional Random Fields or CRFs are a type of probabilistic graph model that take neighboring sample context into account for tasks like classification. Prediction is modeled as a graphical model, which implements dependencies between the predictions. Graph choice depends on the application, for example linear chain CRFs are popular in natural language processing, whereas in image-based tasks, the graph would connect to neighboring locations in an image to enforce that they have similar predictions.

Image Credit: Charles Sutton and Andrew McCallum, An Introduction to Conditional Random Fields


Paper Code Results Date Stars


Task Papers Share
Semantic Segmentation 94 13.28%
Named Entity Recognition 61 8.62%
NER 42 5.93%
General Classification 23 3.25%
Object Detection 15 2.12%
Part-Of-Speech Tagging 15 2.12%
Machine Translation 12 1.69%
Chunking 11 1.55%
Language Modelling 10 1.41%


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