Egocentric Whole-Body Motion Capture with FisheyeViT and Diffusion-Based Motion Refinement

In this work, we explore egocentric whole-body motion capture using a single fisheye camera, which simultaneously estimates human body and hand motion. This task presents significant challenges due to three factors: the lack of high-quality datasets, fisheye camera distortion, and human body self-occlusion. To address these challenges, we propose a novel approach that leverages FisheyeViT to extract fisheye image features, which are subsequently converted into pixel-aligned 3D heatmap representations for 3D human body pose prediction. For hand tracking, we incorporate dedicated hand detection and hand pose estimation networks for regressing 3D hand poses. Finally, we develop a diffusion-based whole-body motion prior model to refine the estimated whole-body motion while accounting for joint uncertainties. To train these networks, we collect a large synthetic dataset, EgoWholeBody, comprising 840,000 high-quality egocentric images captured across a diverse range of whole-body motion sequences. Quantitative and qualitative evaluations demonstrate the effectiveness of our method in producing high-quality whole-body motion estimates from a single egocentric camera.

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Results from the Paper

Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Uses Extra
Training Data
Result Benchmark
Egocentric Pose Estimation GlobalEgoMocap Test Dataset EgoWholeMocap-Temporal Average MPJPE (mm) 65.83 # 1
PA-MPJPE 53.47 # 1
Egocentric Pose Estimation GlobalEgoMocap Test Dataset EgoWholeMocap-Single Frame Average MPJPE (mm) 68.59 # 2
PA-MPJPE 55.92 # 2
Egocentric Pose Estimation SceneEgo EgoWholeMocap-Temporal Average MPJPE (mm) 57.59 # 1
PA-MPJPE 46.55 # 1
Egocentric Pose Estimation SceneEgo EgoWholeMocap-Single Frame Average MPJPE (mm) 64.19 # 2
PA-MPJPE 50.06 # 2