This paper introduces the pipeline to extend the largest dataset in egocentric vision, EPIC-KITCHENS. The effort culminates in EPIC-KITCHENS-100, a collection of 100 hours, 20M frames, 90K actions in 700 variable-length videos, capturing long-term unscripted activities in 45 environments, using head-mounted cameras. Compared to its previous version, EPIC-KITCHENS-100 has been annotated using a novel pipeline that allows denser (54% more actions per minute) and more complete annotations of fine-grained actions (+128% more action segments). This collection enables new challenges such as action detection and evaluating the "test of time" - i.e. whether models trained on data collected in 2018 can generalise to new footage collected two years later. The dataset is aligned with 6 challenges: action recognition (full and weak supervision), action detection, action anticipation, cross-modal retrieval (from captions), as well as unsupervised domain adaptation for action recognition. For each challenge, we define the task, provide baselines and evaluation metrics

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Result Benchmark
Action Anticipation EPIC-KITCHENS-100 RU-LSTM Recall@5 13.94 # 6
Action Recognition EPIC-KITCHENS-100 TSM Action@1 37.39 # 24
Action Recognition EPIC-KITCHENS-100 TSN Action@1 33.57 # 29
Action Recognition EPIC-KITCHENS-100 SlowFast Action@1 36.81 # 25
Action Recognition EPIC-KITCHENS-100 TBN Action@1 35.55 # 27
Action Recognition EPIC-KITCHENS-100 TRN Action@1 35.28 # 28


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