Understanding Self-Supervised Features for Learning Unsupervised Instance Segmentation

24 Nov 2023  ·  Paul Engstler, Luke Melas-Kyriazi, Christian Rupprecht, Iro Laina ·

Self-supervised learning (SSL) can be used to solve complex visual tasks without human labels. Self-supervised representations encode useful semantic information about images, and as a result, they have already been used for tasks such as unsupervised semantic segmentation. In this paper, we investigate self-supervised representations for instance segmentation without any manual annotations. We find that the features of different SSL methods vary in their level of instance-awareness. In particular, DINO features, which are known to be excellent semantic descriptors, lack behind MAE features in their sensitivity for separating instances.

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Task Dataset Model Metric Name Metric Value Global Rank Benchmark
Unsupervised Instance Segmentation COCO val2017 Self-Training (MAE) AP50 12.1 # 2
AP75 3.7 # 2
AP 5.2 # 2