2D object detection

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Most implemented papers

Scaled-YOLOv4: Scaling Cross Stage Partial Network

WongKinYiu/ScaledYOLOv4 CVPR 2021

We show that the YOLOv4 object detection neural network based on the CSP approach, scales both up and down and is applicable to small and large networks while maintaining optimal speed and accuracy.

Three-dimensional Backbone Network for 3D Object Detection in Traffic Scenes

Benzlxs/tDBN 24 Jan 2019

The task of detecting 3D objects in traffic scenes has a pivotal role in many real-world applications.

EfficientPose: An efficient, accurate and scalable end-to-end 6D multi object pose estimation approach

ybkscht/EfficientPose 9 Nov 2020

Through the inherent handling of multiple objects and instances and the fused single shot 2D object detection as well as 6D pose estimation, our approach runs even with multiple objects (eight) end-to-end at over 26 FPS, making it highly attractive to many real world scenarios.

Anchor-free 3D Single Stage Detector with Mask-Guided Attention for Point Cloud

jialeli1/mgaf-3dssd 8 Aug 2021

We propose an attentive module to fit the sparse feature maps to dense mostly on the object regions through the deformable convolution tower and the supervised mask-guided attention.

RandomRooms: Unsupervised Pre-training from Synthetic Shapes and Randomized Layouts for 3D Object Detection

wyf-accept/backtoreality ICCV 2021

In particular, we propose to generate random layouts of a scene by making use of the objects in the synthetic CAD dataset and learn the 3D scene representation by applying object-level contrastive learning on two random scenes generated from the same set of synthetic objects.

PP-YOLOE: An evolved version of YOLO

PaddlePaddle/PaddleDetection 30 Mar 2022

In this report, we present PP-YOLOE, an industrial state-of-the-art object detector with high performance and friendly deployment.

Multitask AET with Orthogonal Tangent Regularity for Dark Object Detection

cuiziteng/iccv_maet ICCV 2021

To enhance object detection in a dark environment, we propose a novel multitask auto encoding transformation (MAET) model which is able to explore the intrinsic pattern behind illumination translation.

Subcategory-aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Proposals and Detection

xiaohaoChen/rrc_detection 16 Apr 2016

In CNN-based object detection methods, region proposal becomes a bottleneck when objects exhibit significant scale variation, occlusion or truncation.

MonoGRNet: A Geometric Reasoning Network for Monocular 3D Object Localization

Zengyi-Qin/MonoGRNet 26 Nov 2018

We propose MonoGRNet for the amodal 3D object detection from a monocular RGB image via geometric reasoning in both the observed 2D projection and the unobserved depth dimension.

BLVD: Building A Large-scale 5D Semantics Benchmark for Autonomous Driving

VCCIV/BLVD 15 Mar 2019

Instead, BLVD aims to provide a platform for the tasks of dynamic 4D (3D+temporal) tracking, 5D (4D+interactive) interactive event recognition and intention prediction.