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Discovery of Latent 3D Keypoints via End-to-end Geometric Reasoning

tensorflow/models NeurIPS 2018

We demonstrate this framework on 3D pose estimation by proposing a differentiable objective that seeks the optimal set of keypoints for recovering the relative pose between two views of an object.

3D Pose Estimation

View-Invariant, Occlusion-Robust Probabilistic Embedding for Human Pose

google-research/google-research 23 Oct 2020

Recognition of human poses and actions is crucial for autonomous systems to interact smoothly with people.

3D Pose Estimation Action Recognition +1

KeyPose: Multi-View 3D Labeling and Keypoint Estimation for Transparent Objects

google-research/google-research CVPR 2020

We address two problems: first, we establish an easy method for capturing and labeling 3D keypoints on desktop objects with an RGB camera; and second, we develop a deep neural network, called $KeyPose$, that learns to accurately predict object poses using 3D keypoints, from stereo input, and works even for transparent objects.

3D Pose Estimation Motion Capture

An Analysis of SVD for Deep Rotation Estimation

google-research/google-research NeurIPS 2020

Symmetric orthogonalization via SVD, and closely related procedures, are well-known techniques for projecting matrices onto $O(n)$ or $SO(n)$.

3D Pose Estimation 3D Rotation Estimation

Implicit-PDF: Non-Parametric Representation of Probability Distributions on the Rotation Manifold

google-research/google-research 10 Jun 2021

Single image pose estimation is a fundamental problem in many vision and robotics tasks, and existing deep learning approaches suffer by not completely modeling and handling: i) uncertainty about the predictions, and ii) symmetric objects with multiple (sometimes infinite) correct poses.

3D Pose Estimation 3D Rotation Estimation

Face Alignment in Full Pose Range: A 3D Total Solution

cleardusk/3DDFA 2 Apr 2018

In this paper, we propose to tackle these three challenges in an new alignment framework termed 3D Dense Face Alignment (3DDFA), in which a dense 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) is fitted to the image via Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks.

3D Pose Estimation Depth Image Estimation +3

FrankMocap: A Monocular 3D Whole-Body Pose Estimation System via Regression and Integration

facebookresearch/frankmocap 13 Aug 2021

Most existing monocular 3D pose estimation approaches only focus on a single body part, neglecting the fact that the essential nuance of human motion is conveyed through a concert of subtle movements of face, hands, and body.

3D Human Reconstruction 3D Pose Estimation

FrankMocap: Fast Monocular 3D Hand and Body Motion Capture by Regression and Integration

facebookresearch/frankmocap 19 Aug 2020

To construct FrankMocap, we build the state-of-the-art monocular 3D "hand" motion capture method by taking the hand part of the whole body parametric model (SMPL-X).

3D Hand Pose Estimation 3D Human Reconstruction +2

A simple yet effective baseline for 3d human pose estimation

open-mmlab/mmpose ICCV 2017

Following the success of deep convolutional networks, state-of-the-art methods for 3d human pose estimation have focused on deep end-to-end systems that predict 3d joint locations given raw image pixels.

3D Pose Estimation Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation