Age And Gender Classification

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Age and gender classification is a dual-task of identifying the age and gender of a person from an image or video.

( Image credit: Multi-Expert Gender Classification on Age Group by Integrating Deep Neural Networks )

Most implemented papers

Rank consistent ordinal regression for neural networks with application to age estimation

Raschka-research-group/coral-cnn 20 Jan 2019

In many real-world prediction tasks, class labels include information about the relative ordering between labels, which is not captured by commonly-used loss functions such as multi-category cross-entropy.

Age and Gender Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

dpressel/rude-carnie 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW) 2015

Automatic age and gender classification has become relevant to an increasing amount of applications, particularly since the rise of social platforms and social media.

Increasingly Packing Multiple Facial-Informatics Modules in A Unified Deep-Learning Model via Lifelong Learning

ivclab/PAE Proceedings of the 2019 on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 2019

Simultaneously running multiple modules is a key requirement for a smart multimedia system for facial applications including face recognition, facial expression understanding, and gender identification.

Quantifying Facial Age by Posterior of Age Comparisons

zyx2012/Age_estimation_BMVC2017 31 Aug 2017

We introduce a novel approach for annotating large quantity of in-the-wild facial images with high-quality posterior age distribution as labels.

Age Group and Gender Estimation in the Wild with Deep RoR Architecture

ShreyanshJoshi/Facial-Demographics-using-CNN 9 Oct 2017

In this paper, we propose a new CNN based method for age group and gender estimation leveraging Residual Networks of Residual Networks (RoR), which exhibits better optimization ability for age group and gender classification than other CNN architectures. Moreover, two modest mechanisms based on observation of the characteristics of age group are presented to further improve the performance of age estimation. In order to further improve the performance and alleviate over-fitting problem, RoR model is pre-trained on ImageNet firstly, and then it is fune-tuned on the IMDB-WIKI-101 data set for further learning the features of face images, finally, it is used to fine-tune on Adience data set.

A Fusion-based Gender Recognition Method Using Facial Images

bghojogh/Face-Gender-Recognition-Fusion 17 Nov 2017

This paper proposes a fusion-based gender recognition method which uses facial images as input.

007: Democratically Finding The Cause of Packet Drops

behnazak/Vigil-007SourceCode 20 Feb 2018

Network failures continue to plague datacenter operators as their symptoms may not have direct correlation with where or why they occur.

Joint Estimation of Age and Gender from Unconstrained Face Images using Lightweight Multi-task CNN for Mobile Applications

ivclab/agegenderLMTCNN 6 Jun 2018

Automatic age and gender classification based on unconstrained images has become essential techniques on mobile devices.

Multimodal Age and Gender Classification Using Ear and Profile Face Images

iremeyiokur/multipie_extended_ear_dataset 23 Jul 2019

Experimental results indicated that profile face images contain a rich source of information for age and gender classification.

Compacting, Picking and Growing for Unforgetting Continual Learning

ivclab/CPG NeurIPS 2019

First, it can avoid forgetting (i. e., learn new tasks while remembering all previous tasks).