Aspect Category Detection

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Aspect category detection (ACD) in sentiment analysis aims to identify the aspect categories mentioned in a sentence.

Most implemented papers

A Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Based Multi-Task Ensemble Model for Aspect and Polarity Classification in Persian Reviews

miladvazan/Joint_Learning_Classification_Persian_Reviews- 17 Jan 2022

The results indicate that this new approach increases the efficiency of the sentiment analysis model in the Persian language.

Cross-domain Aspect Category Transfer and Detection via Traceable Heterogeneous Graph Representation Learning

lzswangjian/THGRL 30 Aug 2019

Aspect category detection is an essential task for sentiment analysis and opinion mining.

Leveraging Just a Few Keywords for Fine-Grained Aspect Detection Through Weakly Supervised Co-Training

gkaramanolakis/ISWD IJCNLP 2019

In this work, we consider weakly supervised approaches for training aspect classifiers that only require the user to provide a small set of seed words (i. e., weakly positive indicators) for the aspects of interest.

Embarrassingly Simple Unsupervised Aspect Extraction

clips/cat ACL 2020

We present a simple but effective method for aspect identification in sentiment analysis.

Sentence Constituent-Aware Aspect-Category Sentiment Analysis with Graph Attention Networks

l294265421/SCAN 4 Oct 2020

Aspect category sentiment analysis (ACSA) aims to predict the sentiment polarities of the aspect categories discussed in sentences.

Jointly Modeling Aspect and Polarity for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis in Persian Reviews

miladvazan/Aspect-based-Sentiment-Analysis-in-Persian-Reviews 16 Sep 2021

The developed models were evaluated using the collected dataset in terms of example-based and label-based metrics.

Latent Aspect Detection from Online Unsolicited Customer Reviews

MohammadForouhesh/latent-aspect-detection 14 Apr 2022

Within the context of review analytics, aspects are the features of products and services at which customers target their opinions and sentiments.

Label-Driven Denoising Framework for Multi-Label Few-Shot Aspect Category Detection

1429904852/ldf 9 Oct 2022

Multi-Label Few-Shot Aspect Category Detection (FS-ACD) is a new sub-task of aspect-based sentiment analysis, which aims to detect aspect categories accurately with limited training instances.

MvP: Multi-view Prompting Improves Aspect Sentiment Tuple Prediction

ZubinGou/multi-view-prompting 22 May 2023

Generative methods greatly promote aspect-based sentiment analysis via generating a sequence of sentiment elements in a specified format.