Autonomous Navigation

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Autonomous navigation is the task of autonomously navigating a vehicle or robot to or around a location without human guidance.

( Image credit: Approximate LSTMs for Time-Constrained Inference: Enabling Fast Reaction in Self-Driving Cars )

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VoxelNet: End-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Based 3D Object Detection

charlesq34/pointnet CVPR 2018

Accurate detection of objects in 3D point clouds is a central problem in many applications, such as autonomous navigation, housekeeping robots, and augmented/virtual reality.

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OpenBot: Turning Smartphones into Robots

intel-isl/OpenBot 24 Aug 2020

We develop a software stack that allows smartphones to use this body for mobile operation and demonstrate that the system is sufficiently powerful to support advanced robotics workloads such as person following and real-time autonomous navigation in unstructured environments.

Autonomous Navigation

Multi-Session Visual SLAM for Illumination Invariant Localization in Indoor Environments

introlab/rtabmap 5 Mar 2021

For robots navigating using only a camera, illumination changes in indoor environments can cause localization failures during autonomous navigation.

Autonomous Navigation

DeepTraffic: Crowdsourced Hyperparameter Tuning of Deep Reinforcement Learning Systems for Multi-Agent Dense Traffic Navigation

lexfridman/deeptraffic 9 Jan 2018

We present a traffic simulation named DeepTraffic where the planning systems for a subset of the vehicles are handled by a neural network as part of a model-free, off-policy reinforcement learning process.

Autonomous Driving Autonomous Navigation +1

A Little Fog for a Large Turn

SullyChen/Autopilot-TensorFlow 16 Jan 2020

Small, carefully crafted perturbations called adversarial perturbations can easily fool neural networks.

Adversarial Attack Autonomous Navigation +1

Loam_livox: A fast, robust, high-precision LiDAR odometry and mapping package for LiDARs of small FoV

hku-mars/loam_livox 15 Sep 2019

LiDAR odometry and mapping (LOAM) has been playing an important role in autonomous vehicles, due to its ability to simultaneously localize the robot's pose and build high-precision, high-resolution maps of the surrounding environment.

Autonomous Navigation

DD-PPO: Learning Near-Perfect PointGoal Navigators from 2.5 Billion Frames

facebookresearch/habitat-api ICLR 2020

We leverage this scaling to train an agent for 2. 5 Billion steps of experience (the equivalent of 80 years of human experience) -- over 6 months of GPU-time training in under 3 days of wall-clock time with 64 GPUs.

Autonomous Navigation PointGoal Navigation +1

An Open Source and Open Hardware Deep Learning-powered Visual Navigation Engine for Autonomous Nano-UAVs

pulp-platform/pulp-dronet 10 May 2019

Nano-size unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with few centimeters of diameter and sub-10 Watts of total power budget, have so far been considered incapable of running sophisticated visual-based autonomous navigation software without external aid from base-stations, ad-hoc local positioning infrastructure, and powerful external computation servers.

Autonomous Navigation Visual Navigation

A 64mW DNN-based Visual Navigation Engine for Autonomous Nano-Drones

pulp-platform/pulp-dronet 4 May 2018

As part of our general methodology we discuss the software mapping techniques that enable the state-of-the-art deep convolutional neural network presented in [1] to be fully executed on-board within a strict 6 fps real-time constraint with no compromise in terms of flight results, while all processing is done with only 64 mW on average.

Autonomous Navigation Platform +1

Fast and Accurate Point Cloud Registration using Trees of Gaussian Mixtures

neka-nat/probreg 6 Jul 2018

Point cloud registration sits at the core of many important and challenging 3D perception problems including autonomous navigation, SLAM, object/scene recognition, and augmented reality.

Autonomous Navigation Point Cloud Registration +1