Crop Classification

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Attention-Based Deep Neural Networks for Detection of Cancerous and Precancerous Esophagus Tissue on Histopathological Slides

BMIRDS/deepslide 20 Nov 2018

Deep learning-based methods, such as the sliding window approach for cropped-image classification and heuristic aggregation for whole-slide inference, for analyzing histological patterns in high-resolution microscopy images have shown promising results.

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Crop Classification under Varying Cloud Cover with Neural Ordinary Differential Equations

nandometzger/ODEcrop 4 Dec 2020

We propose to use neural ordinary differential equations (NODEs) in combination with RNNs to classify crop types in irregularly spaced image sequences.

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Crop mapping from image time series: deep learning with multi-scale label hierarchies

0zgur0/ms-convSTAR 17 Feb 2021

The three-level label hierarchy is encoded in a convolutional, recurrent neural network (convRNN), such that for each pixel the model predicts three labels at different level of granularity.

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