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Aligning AI With Shared Human Values

hendrycks/ethics 5 Aug 2020

We show how to assess a language model's knowledge of basic concepts of morality.

Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video

ego4d/hands-and-objects CVPR 2022

We introduce Ego4D, a massive-scale egocentric video dataset and benchmark suite.

Semantics derived automatically from language corpora contain human-like biases

YunjinPark/modu_project 25 Aug 2016

Here we show for the first time that human-like semantic biases result from the application of standard machine learning to ordinary language---the same sort of language humans are exposed to every day.

A Low-Cost Ethics Shaping Approach for Designing Reinforcement Learning Agents

kristery/EthicsShaping 12 Dec 2017

This paper proposes a low-cost, easily realizable strategy to equip a reinforcement learning (RL) agent the capability of behaving ethically.

Defining a Sandbox for Responsible AI

shaundsouza/ai-ecosystems-enabling SSRN 2018

While this is not the first time that we have faced this future, it is important to take cognizance of the broader issues around the ethics and governance that are prevalent today in what are early days in an industry with a smaller number of large technology players.

On Measuring Gender Bias in Translation of Gender-neutral Pronouns

nolongerprejudice/tgbi WS 2019

However, detection and evaluation of gender bias in the machine translation systems are not yet thoroughly investigated, for the task being cross-lingual and challenging to define.

Towards Empathic Deep Q-Learning

bartbussmann/EmpathicDQN 26 Jun 2019

As reinforcement learning (RL) scales to solve increasingly complex tasks, interest continues to grow in the fields of AI safety and machine ethics.

Mining Disinformation and Fake News: Concepts, Methods, and Recent Advancements

shengyp/fake_news 2 Jan 2020

In recent years, disinformation including fake news, has became a global phenomenon due to its explosive growth, particularly on social media.

Teaching Software Engineering for AI-Enabled Systems

ckaestne/seai 18 Jan 2020

Software engineers have significant expertise to offer when building intelligent systems, drawing on decades of experience and methods for building systems that are scalable, responsive and robust, even when built on unreliable components.

Deontological Ethics By Monotonicity Shape Constraints

tensorflow/lattice 31 Jan 2020

We demonstrate how easy it is for modern machine-learned systems to violate common deontological ethical principles and social norms such as "favor the less fortunate," and "do not penalize good attributes."