Face Recognition

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Facial recognition is the task of making a positive identification of a face in a photo or video image against a pre-existing database of faces. It begins with detection - distinguishing human faces from other objects in the image - and then works on identification of those detected faces.

The state of the art tables for this task are contained mainly in the consistent parts of the task : the face verification and face identification tasks.

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Greatest papers with code

OpenFace: A general-purpose face recognition library with mobile applications

cmusatyalab/openface 1 Jan 2016

Cameras are becoming ubiquitous in the Internet of Things (IoT) and can use face recognition technology to improve context.

Face Recognition Face Verification

Longitudinal Study of Child Face Recognition

davidsandberg/facenet 10 Nov 2017

Face comparison scores are obtained from (i) a state-of-the-art COTS matcher (COTS-A), (ii) an open-source matcher (FaceNet), and (iii) a simple sum fusion of scores obtained from COTS-A and FaceNet matchers.

Face Recognition

Sub-center ArcFace: Boosting Face Recognition by Large-scale Noisy Web Faces

deepinsight/insightface ECCV 2020

In this paper, we relax the intra-class constraint of ArcFace to improve the robustness to label noise.

Face Recognition

Partial FC: Training 10 Million Identities on a Single Machine

deepinsight/insightface 11 Oct 2020

The experiment demonstrates no loss of accuracy when training with only 10\% randomly sampled classes for the softmax-based loss functions, compared with training with full classes using state-of-the-art models on mainstream benchmarks.

Face Identification Face Recognition +2

ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition

deepinsight/insightface CVPR 2019

One of the main challenges in feature learning using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) for large-scale face recognition is the design of appropriate loss functions that enhance discriminative power.

Face Identification Face Recognition +1

VGGFace2: A dataset for recognising faces across pose and age

deepinsight/insightface 23 Oct 2017

The dataset was collected with three goals in mind: (i) to have both a large number of identities and also a large number of images for each identity; (ii) to cover a large range of pose, age and ethnicity; and (iii) to minimize the label noise.

Ranked #3 on Face Verification on IJB-C (TAR @ FAR=0.01 metric)

Face Recognition Face Verification +1

MS-Celeb-1M: A Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Face Recognition

deepinsight/insightface 27 Jul 2016

In this paper, we design a benchmark task and provide the associated datasets for recognizing face images and link them to corresponding entity keys in a knowledge base.

Face Recognition Image Captioning

Fawkes: Protecting Privacy against Unauthorized Deep Learning Models

Shawn-Shan/fawkes 19 Feb 2020

In this paper, we propose Fawkes, a system that helps individuals inoculate their images against unauthorized facial recognition models.

Face Recognition Privacy Preserving Deep Learning