Face Verification

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Face verification is the task of comparing a candidate face to another, and verifying whether it is a match. It is a one-to-one mapping: you have to check if this person is the correct one.

( Image credit: Pose-Robust Face Recognition via Deep Residual Equivariant Mapping )

Greatest papers with code

OpenFace: A general-purpose face recognition library with mobile applications

cmusatyalab/openface 1 Jan 2016

Cameras are becoming ubiquitous in the Internet of Things (IoT) and can use face recognition technology to improve context.

Face Recognition Face Verification

Dlib-ml: A Machine Learning Toolkit

davisking/dlib 1 Jan 2009

There are many excellent toolkits which provide support for developing machine learning software in Python, R, Matlab, and similar environments.

Anomaly Detection Face Verification

Partial FC: Training 10 Million Identities on a Single Machine

deepinsight/insightface 11 Oct 2020

The experiment demonstrates no loss of accuracy when training with only 10\% randomly sampled classes for the softmax-based loss functions, compared with training with full classes using state-of-the-art models on mainstream benchmarks.

Face Identification Face Recognition +2

ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition

deepinsight/insightface CVPR 2019

One of the main challenges in feature learning using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNNs) for large-scale face recognition is the design of appropriate loss functions that enhance discriminative power.

Face Identification Face Recognition +1

VGGFace2: A dataset for recognising faces across pose and age

deepinsight/insightface 23 Oct 2017

The dataset was collected with three goals in mind: (i) to have both a large number of identities and also a large number of images for each identity; (ii) to cover a large range of pose, age and ethnicity; and (iii) to minimize the label noise.

Ranked #3 on Face Verification on IJB-C (TAR @ FAR=0.01 metric)

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Classification is a Strong Baseline for Deep Metric Learning

microsoft/computervision-recipes 30 Nov 2018

Deep metric learning aims to learn a function mapping image pixels to embedding feature vectors that model the similarity between images.

Binarization Classification +4

CosFace: Large Margin Cosine Loss for Deep Face Recognition

PaddlePaddle/PaddleClas CVPR 2018

The central task of face recognition, including face verification and identification, involves face feature discrimination.

Face Identification Face Recognition +1