Image Outpainting

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Predicting the visual context of an image beyond its boundary.


Most implemented papers

Painting Outside the Box: Image Outpainting with GANs

ShinyCode/image-outpainting 25 Aug 2018

The challenging task of image outpainting (extrapolation) has received comparatively little attention in relation to its cousin, image inpainting (completion).

Wide-Context Semantic Image Extrapolation

shepnerd/outpainting_srn CVPR 2019

This paper studies the fundamental problem of extrapolating visual context using deep generative models, i. e., extending image borders with plausible structure and details.

Image Outpainting and Harmonization using Generative Adversarial Networks

basilevh/image-outpainting 23 Dec 2019

This way, the hallucinated details are integrated with the style of the original image, in an attempt to further boost the quality of the result and possibly allow for arbitrary output resolutions to be supported.

Multimodal Image Outpainting With Regularized Normalized Diversification

owenzlz/DiverseOutpaint 25 Oct 2019

In this paper, we study the problem of generating a set ofrealistic and diverse backgrounds when given only a smallforeground region.

Very Long Natural Scenery Image Prediction by Outpainting

z-x-yang/NS-Outpainting ICCV 2019

The second challenge is how to maintain high quality in generated results, especially for multi-step generations in which generated regions are spatially far away from the initial input.

Enhanced Residual Networks for Context-based Image Outpainting

etarthur/Outpainting 14 May 2020

Although humans perform well at predicting what exists beyond the boundaries of an image, deep models struggle to understand context and extrapolation through retained information.

SiENet: Siamese Expansion Network for Image Extrapolation

nanjingxiaobawang/SieNet-Image-extrapolation 8 Jul 2020

In this paper, a novel two-stage siamese adversarial model for image extrapolation, named Siamese Expansion Network (SiENet) is proposed.

Bridging the Visual Gap: Wide-Range Image Blending

julia0607/Wide-Range-Image-Blending CVPR 2021

In this paper we propose a new problem scenario in image processing, wide-range image blending, which aims to smoothly merge two different input photos into a panorama by generating novel image content for the intermediate region between them.

In-N-Out: Towards Good Initialization for Inpainting and Outpainting

timegate/In_N_Out 26 Jun 2021

Our self-supervision method, In-N-Out, is summarized as a training approach that leverages the knowledge of the opposite task into the target model.

Cylin-Painting: Seamless 360° Panoramic Image Outpainting and Beyond with Cylinder-Style Convolutions

kangliao929/cylin-painting 18 Apr 2022

Motivated by this analysis, we present a Cylin-Painting framework that involves meaningful collaborations between inpainting and outpainting and efficiently fuses the different arrangements, with a view to leveraging their complementary benefits on a consistent and seamless cylinder.