Image Restoration

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Image Restoration is a family of inverse problems for obtaining a high quality image from a corrupted input image. Corruption may occur due to the image-capture process (e.g., noise, lens blur), post-processing (e.g., JPEG compression), or photography in non-ideal conditions (e.g., haze, motion blur).

Source: Blind Image Restoration without Prior Knowledge


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Noise2Noise: Learning Image Restoration without Clean Data

NVlabs/noise2noise ICML 2018

We apply basic statistical reasoning to signal reconstruction by machine learning -- learning to map corrupted observations to clean signals -- with a simple and powerful conclusion: it is possible to learn to restore images by only looking at corrupted examples, at performance at and sometimes exceeding training using clean data, without explicit image priors or likelihood models of the corruption.

Image Restoration Using Convolutional Auto-encoders with Symmetric Skip Connections

titu1994/Image-Super-Resolution 29 Jun 2016

In this work, we propose a very deep fully convolutional auto-encoder network for image restoration, which is a encoding-decoding framework with symmetric convolutional-deconvolutional layers.

Deep Image Prior

DmitryUlyanov/deep-image-prior CVPR 2018

In this paper, we show that, on the contrary, the structure of a generator network is sufficient to capture a great deal of low-level image statistics prior to any learning.

Learning Enriched Features for Real Image Restoration and Enhancement

swz30/MIRNet ECCV 2020

With the goal of recovering high-quality image content from its degraded version, image restoration enjoys numerous applications, such as in surveillance, computational photography, medical imaging, and remote sensing.

Restormer: Efficient Transformer for High-Resolution Image Restoration

swz30/restormer CVPR 2022

Since convolutional neural networks (CNNs) perform well at learning generalizable image priors from large-scale data, these models have been extensively applied to image restoration and related tasks.

SwinIR: Image Restoration Using Swin Transformer

jingyunliang/swinir 23 Aug 2021

In particular, the deep feature extraction module is composed of several residual Swin Transformer blocks (RSTB), each of which has several Swin Transformer layers together with a residual connection.

Simple Baselines for Image Restoration

megvii-research/NAFNet 10 Apr 2022

Although there have been significant advances in the field of image restoration recently, the system complexity of the state-of-the-art (SOTA) methods is increasing as well, which may hinder the convenient analysis and comparison of methods.

The 2018 PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Super-resolution

alterzero/DBPN-Pytorch 20 Sep 2018

This paper reports on the 2018 PIRM challenge on perceptual super-resolution (SR), held in conjunction with the Perceptual Image Restoration and Manipulation (PIRM) workshop at ECCV 2018.

EnlightenGAN: Deep Light Enhancement without Paired Supervision

yueruchen/EnlightenGAN 17 Jun 2019

Deep learning-based methods have achieved remarkable success in image restoration and enhancement, but are they still competitive when there is a lack of paired training data?

CycleISP: Real Image Restoration via Improved Data Synthesis

swz30/CycleISP CVPR 2020

This is mainly because the AWGN is not adequate for modeling the real camera noise which is signal-dependent and heavily transformed by the camera imaging pipeline.